Did you realize that you are wealthy?

If your first reaction is “no, Andrea, you should see my bank account”, then I want to encourage you to take a new look on your life. I’m not just referring to money.

You possess wealth as a life-giving person that no one else possesses on earth.

What you hold is unique. Not because your circumstances are unique, rather because your perspective, your upbringing, your values, your stage of life and your personality all differ and have a unique story to tell.

Everything in your life plays into the way you handled certain situations in life, and that combination for each person is powerful.

You hold the power to help someone else by just being you and by not being intimidated to bring value to others through your life.

I love that.

What you’ve learned in life is priceless. Literally, you can’t put a price tag on the knowledge, insight, and wisdom you have gained through all in which you have been through.

I applaud you. This journey is not always easy.

I believe one of the biggest lies that we are told in life is that everyone knows what we know. And that’s simply not true.

It often feels like “what we know no one else would need.” We believe this lie because what we know seems like second nature to us. It has become part of our value system and the way in which we now see the world around us. Best-selling books were born out of things that seemed kind of obvious to some.

Think for a minute about the legendary book How to Win Friends and Influence People.

For some, this book was life-changing. I remember large organizations buying it up for all their employees. I also remember some employees thinking that this content was kind of obvious and weren’t sure why the company they worked for thought it was so revolutionary.

Why? Because for some, it was obvious, and for others, it was revolutionary.

We all wear different lenses. We all have different perspectives, different innate talents, different skill sets, and therefore, very different ways in which we understand the world around us.

We must find rest in the journey we have been on and know it is not the same as those around us.

The human condition is one that relates in many ways even if different paths are taken by each.

The paths seem similar with points of connection, somewhat like that of a spider web. Our understanding of life is like “the strand of spider silk”—lines or threads that cross each other at different points but no two being exactly the same.

Your step of faith in the journey today, is the willingness to embrace that your uniqueness holds value that others need. 

The more I’ve embraced this, the more impact and influence I’ve found I have with others.

Not to mention how much more enjoyable my life has become, even with the trials and circumstances that come my way.

You are wealthy. You have something to give. Don’t believe otherwise.

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  1. Amen, we are each given gifts, a purpose that only we can fulfill with the Holy Spirit within us. Help us Lord to boldly go out and do Your will in Jesus name, amen.

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