There’s a fundamental problem to oxygenating our bodies: we can have a tendency to be lazy and don’t like to workout!

But here’s the truth: Our bodies were designed to be active!

Hundreds of years ago, people didn’t need to workout because their lives kept them active and healthy! They didn’t have cars to get them to and from work or grocery stores to hunt and prepare their food for them. They had to do it all themselves.

Now, we hardly have to use our bodies for any physical labor other than getting up from our computers to walk five feet to the coffee machine!

It’s common for people to think that they only have to workout if they want to lose weight. While weight loss can be an added bonus, that is only one of many benefits to exercise. Here’s what happens to our bodies when we choose to not exercise:

–           Increased blood pressure

–           Weight gain

–           Loss of bone density

–           Increased risk of Osteoporosis

–           Decreased energy

–           Increased risk of depression and low self-esteem

–           Increased risk for diabetes

–           Spike in unhealthy food cravings

–           Risk for insomnia

–           Spike in stress-levels

–           Causes unbalanced hormones

–           Decreased sex drive

–           Decrease in oxygen levels

I learned in my journey that cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated environment!  With that said, an exercised body is an oxygenated body! At the beginning of my cancer journey, I didn’t have all the energy that I was used to having.  There were days when I felt weak, but I made it a priority to move my body in one way or another. I committed to exercising at least three days a week until I could get my energy built up.

Every body is different so everyone is going to have a different workout preference.  My best piece of advice for finding what works for your body is to find out what blood type you are.

And then press through your schedule, your “reasons” for not being active, and take the next step to oxygenating your life!

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  1. Hi! Any thoughts on “Cell Food” a dietary oxygen supplement?

    1. Lori I use Cell food and it is an Amazing product!!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Why do you need to know what blood type you are? You can redirect me if I just need to keep reading? Is that why everyone ordered blood kits?

    1. Knowing your blood type can assist in a knowing what foods are beneficial to eat for your blood type and which should be avoided. The blood test kits are separate and all the info on these are on my website:

      To your health,

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