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Blood Kit

Through a unique partnership with potentially the foremost cellular health authority in the world, Dr. Raymond Hilu, this simple blood test will tell you things about your blood and health on a cellular level that will astound you. The information that you receive back from Dr. Hilu’s clinic (in Marbella, Spain) will give you full protocols, treatments, etc. and if you are experiencing severe and/or life threatening health issues, they will strongly encourage you to consider coming to their clinic.

In the kit you will receive the test, lancet, gauze pad, full instructions, release form to fill out to be mailed with the kit, and the address and instructions for mailing it back to Spain.

This process, on average, takes approximately three weeks from ordering the kit, to getting your results back from Dr. Hilu’s clinic.

Dr. Hilu’s office is very diligent in evaluating and responding with your results.

Because of the demand, we would say at this point it is taking 14-20 days AFTER

they receive your blood test.

Blood has a shelf life and expires in 5-7 days. Sending it over 2-day shipping ensures that Dr. Hilu will receive it in time to study it before it expires.

Each kit costs $430 which includes everything that comes with the kit, your results, and protocol plan. The shipping expense to Spain is NOT included in the $430. It depends on where you live, but roughly it seems that the cost is about $80-120 to send via international 2-day.

There are no refunds or returns for the blood test kit if it was already shipped. It cannot be sent back, no exceptions. If you purchase a kit and it has not been sent out yet, you can cancel the order within 24 hours of purchasing. We will then send you a refund for the price of the kit minus a $50 processing, handling, and restocking fee. Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours or less leaving a small window for cancellations.

Yes, you can send them together, but you will need to label the kits very clearly with marker. You can write the names directly on the kit.

You do not need a doctor’s assistance to understand your results. If you need any help following your protocol/results, Andrea is available for hire to answer any questions you may have.

Your test results will be sent to the email you provided.

You will do the test in the comfort of your own home. Instructions are included in the kit but if you need more help you can watch the following instructional video on Instagram:

If you do not have access to Instagram you can watch the following instructional video on Facebook:

Based on your results and what Dr. Hilu finds, he outlines a plan of action for you to follow. In some cases, because of the intensity of what he finds, he will encourage people to come to his clinic in Spain but not everyone would need to. Andrea is available for follow-up consulting sessions once you get your results. She will be able to help point you in the right direction by answering any questions you may have, helping you with your nutrition plan, finding supplements, helping you with your exercise plan, etc. As someone who has walked the journey herself she is there for anyone needing support.

If you would like more information or further health coaching and consulting visit Andrea Thompson’s store using this link: where you will be able to purchase more of our products and/or services.


A 50 minute, one-on-one consultation with Andrea costs $150 and you can purchase one here:

You can cancel a consultation 24 hours before the appointment and get a refund but you will be charged 15% of the price for the cancellation. If the consultation is cancelled after 24 hours it will not be refunded.

Andrea does not usually do in person consultations. She has made a few exceptions but otherwise prefers phone calls or Skype.

Andrea has a wealth of information on natural health, nutrition, diet, exercise etc. and can point you in the right direction whether you’re needing help with your results from Dr. Hilu or need nutritional and exercise guidance. She can also recommend great alternative practitioners and doctors. Andrea has personally beat Cervical Cancer without chemotherapy and radiation and is very passionate about helping others. If you want to start or continue your health journey and find yourself with a million questions, a consultation with Andrea is a great next step.

Please Note: Andrea is not a doctor and therefore does not treat or diagnose. Rather, she is a health advocate that helps connect you to people and protocols that have the potential to bring you into greater health.

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