A simple word, but oftentimes a distant reality.

I believe we all want some type of breakthrough at any given time from the obstacles of life…


– In our health
– In our finances
– In our relationships
– In our life destiny
– In our journey with God

If you and I were having a warm cup of tea right now, I’m confident that between the two of us, we could probably establish an even longer list of things we want to overcome and get past.

Today, I have good news.

Breakthrough can happen for you.

And without minimizing anything you have gone through, or are currently in the midst of, I want to share something that can potentially be the key that starts to turn things around for you.


And specifically, gratitude that Jesus is who He says He is, and that He will do what He says He will do.

There’s something really important that Jesus shared with us in the bible in John 10:10.

He said this…

“the thief (Satan) comes only to steal, kill and destroy”

 “But I (Jesus) have come to give you life more abundant”

So, if Jesus is telling me that His plan is abundant living, then it’s time to choose abundant living.

And in the middle of the mess, I’m going to thank Him that He is good, and that He will fulfill the good purpose He has for me.

My life changed (and continues to change) when I stopped rehearsing all the defeats and looking for someone to feel sorry for me.

Gratitude. Praise. Honor. Thanksgiving.

Call it what you want. At the end of the day, a heart that is grateful for the price that Jesus paid, is a heart that can live healthy and whole.

It’s the first step, and honestly the ongoing step needed to see breakthrough.

Don’t just thank Him once. Make it your ongoing passion. Thank Him for defeating sin, darkness, disease, fear, anxiety…whatever the circumstance may be.

When you do, the results of breaking through will begin to follow. I know this powerful reality firsthand.

Remember, there is NOTHING impossible for God. Absolutely nothing.




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  1. I was in tears this morning thanking Him for all that he has done and YET to do! Thank you for this Andrea!

  2. Amen! All so true and something I do every day. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving together . Love to Deb and Bill. Helen

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