I love love, love love exercising! It is one of my most favorite things to do (That might sound crazy to you right now, but I promise, it can become a passion in your life as well).

I exercise Monday-Saturday doing a variety of things. Usually, my week includes spin classes and weight training at the gym. I will also do some yoga to stretch out my muscles.

Before I go exercise, I eat a healthy breakfast and take a pre-workout drink to get my body going. My favorite one to use is Vega Sport Energizer. I love this brand because it is plant based and doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or refined sugars. There is 100mg of caffeine that comes from green tea and yerba mate. It makes me alert and sustains me for a good workout without making me jittery.

I want to share two simple truths with you that I’ve discovered about exercising:

  • There are a lot of different exercise plans available.

  • You need to pick (or modify) one that will work best for your needs!

On days where I don’t have a whole lot of time to work out, I do an at home HIIT (High-intensity interval training) video. Both of these that I mention include a warm up and cool down session. I highly encourage you not to skip this part of the workout.

My favorite HIIT training videos would include:

Josh Axe Burst fit and Burst Fire video collections- these are two different type of workouts. Both are for beginners and for those who are more advanced. Each workout targets a different part of your body. They are only 20 minutes each so great for people on the go! These can be purchased at draxe.com

  • Maximized Living MaxT-3- These videos also target different parts of the body and are perfect for beginners all the way up to advance. These videos are a bit shorter at only 6-8 minutes but still get you sweating! This can be purchased at maximizedliving.com

Here are some of the benefits of HIIT:

  • Burns calories and fat up to 72 hours after your workout
  • Helps in balancing hormones
  • Minimal equipment is needed
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Good for heart health
  • Builds endurance
  • Effectively uses energy
  • Can be modified for all ages and fitness levels

I love my indoor cycling spin class, but when the weather is nice I enjoy going on an outdoor bike ride. My favorite bike would be my Trek Hybrid all terrain bike. It can go anywhere! The mountains, street, dirt road, anywhere.

After I workout, I like to give my body some protein to help my muscles recover and repair. So my favorite protein powders would include:

  • Nature’s Sunshine Love and Peas Protein-Provides 20 grams of pea protein and whole foods per serving, contains 0 grams of sugar, and it is free from common allergens, dairy, lactose, and gluten. To purchase go to andreathompson.org/hbg
  • Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein – This is a plant based protein that does not contain any grains. My favorite flavor is smooth chocolate. This can be purchased at your local health food store or amazon.
  • Eat Right for Your Blood Type Protein Powder- I am type AB. I love this protein because it is specifically designed for my blood type. This can be purchased at 4yourtype.com
  • Josh Axe Multi-Collagen Protein- In addition to my regular protein, I add a scoop of this. What I love about this particular protein is it mixes instantly, it has no smell or taste, and it gives support to your skin, gut and joints.

I need to remind you that these are MY personal favorites because I feel like even if they challenge me, they are achievable. But…there are so many other options available. I have friends and family who LOVE using programs by Beachbody (the company that makes programs like P90X), because they really work.

Just remember, you can always modify or change your program later, but the important thing is that you are being CONSISTENT with one that is helping you achieve your initial goals right now.

I love you guys. Let me know in the comments below any programs that you like or dislike – just be specific and tell me why!


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  1. What is the difference between Burst Fit and Burst Fire? I can’t decide which to get! Thanks!

    1. They are both great! Can’t go wrong with either one. Burst Fit just happens to be the first one he made!

  2. How long have you been using these drinks & how did you come across them. I’m a beginner at this & for health reasons am changing everything. Guess I’m a little nervous 🙄

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