Cellular Analysis Kit


Uncover the underlying abnormalities and imbalances in your body through Dr. Raymond Hilu’s Cellular Analysis and finally get the answers and the direction you need to improve your health.

Through extreme microscopic magnification (up to 65,000x), Dr. Raymond Hilu is able to view the overall state and condition of your cells and, with the help of his clinical team, formulate a personalized protocol based on his findings to help create a healthy environment in your body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Hilu’s office is very diligent in evaluating and responding with your results. Due to the current demand, it takes approximately two weeks to receive your results via email from the day the clinic receives your kit.

We recommend keeping an eye on your spam folder as well as your inbox to make sure your results do not get lost.

Once a cellular analysis kit is purchased and shipped it is NOT reusable and CANNOT be sent back, no exceptions. If you purchased a kit and it has not been shipped yet, you can cancel the order and get a refund for the price of the kit minus a $15.00 Processing Fee.  

If your cellular analysis kit was shipped, our customer service team is responsible for deciding if you are eligible for a refund. If customer service grants you a refund, you will receive a refund for the price of the kit minus a $50.00 Refund Fee. To request a refund please email [email protected].

Our secure card processing system does not accept most medical cards. If your HSA card is not accepted, you can try to get the cost reimbursed if it is considered a qualified medical expense, but it would need to be purchased initially with a debit or credit card connected to a regular account.
Dr. Hilu and his team do their best to make your results as easy to understand as possible. If you need any clarification, their clinical team encourages you to contact them with any questions. Their contact information will be on the last page of your results. If you need further help implementing your protocol or understanding your results, our Personal Health Instructors are available for hire. You can book a consultation or learn more here.
You do not need to stop taking any supplements or medications prior to performing the test.  You also do not need to fast or make any changes to your diet. You can perform the test whenever it is most convenient for you. 

The shipping expense to send your completed kit to Spain is NOT included in the initial cost of the kit ($450). Depending on where you live, shipping via international priority may cost anywhere from $85-$130.  We include detailed shipping instructions with your kit that we have found to be the most cost effective method.

Blood has a short shelf life. Expediting it ensures that Dr. Hilu’s clinic will receive it in time to perform the analysis prior to expiration.
Yes. You can send multiple kits together and save money on shipping. Please make sure to write the correct name on the outside of every kit, very clearly to avoid any confusion.

The cellular analysis follow up kit is the same price as the first time kit ($450). You can order a follow up kit the same way as your first kit, you would just need to select “Follow Up Kit” before adding it to your cart. 

You can purchase a Follow Up Kit here.

You will then perform the test and ship the kit following the same instructions as your first test. However, the form you receive with your follow up kit will be slightly different. 

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First Time Kit, Follow Up Kit


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