Things change.

The scenes, circumstances and experiences in our life are destined to revolve and not look the same.

Another way to say it would be this:

Your season of life will change.

For instance, I’m about to celebrate a new grandbaby. But I remember when my own daughter was about to be born. And the seasons have changed so much and so fast since the first time I cradled my own precious child in my arms.

Of course, there are also some “seasons” that we’d all like to forget and move on from, whether it’s from pain, abuse, sickness or extended seasons where we were in some kind of lack in our lives.

But my encouragement to you today, is to embrace your season. Not just the new one you believe or wish is around the corner, but the one you are in right now.

Don’t misunderstand me – I love to have expectation and hope for the future. Without it, we can find ourselves in absolute discouragement and despair.

But I know from my firsthand experiences, that when I embraced the season I was in, even if it wasn’t my favorite season…God showed up.

These were the times when miracles happened, and when I discovered some of my greatest life lessons.

So yes, let’s believe for a better tomorrow.

But first, let’s embrace today, invite God into the middle of whatever we are walking through, and as we do, expect some amazing things happen.

Remember, God is with you, and He is for you.

When you know that, it makes the season so much sweeter.

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