My journey in overcoming cancer led me down an amazing path.

What makes it so amazing? 

Well, it’s the discovery of how cancer exists in our bodies, and what we can do to deal with it.

I didn’t just want to beat cancer once and walk away. My passion has been to make my internal and external environment one where cancer can’t exist…ever!

Based on that, I have spent countless hours gaining understanding as to the way to make that a reality. 

So, I focused on tracing the problem back…asking where did it come from? 

The thing to understand about cancer is that it is multi-faceted. There’s normally not just one thing that feeds it. 

Let me stop and encourage you not to get overwhelmed. My discovery is that it really is possible to get to the root, and once you have understanding as to what is going on, it makes it so much easier to effectively deal with it.

So much of what I learned, I learned from one of my mentors, the late Dr. Charles Majors.  His insight was tremendous in revealing that cancer is not by and large, a genetic issue passed down to us.

So much of what I’ll share with you in this blog, comes from his insights and discoveries. This information ultimately saved my life.

It’s estimated that less than 10% of all disease is hereditary, which helps us understand that the bulk of the disease issues we face are related to lifestyle.

Really quickly, I want to introduce you to two semi-scientific terms in my own simplified language:

Gene Theory (or Genetic) – which is related to how we inherit certain hereditary things.

Epigenetic – which is related to the ability to change the gene expression.

Now that you have that useful info, here’s a little trip down a historical lane, that I believe it will be really insightful for you, and worth your time to read to read and absorb.

When the treatment of cancer began, it began with:

1. Surgery (to remove the cancer/tumor) … and this led to them realizing some people went into remission but the cure rate was very dismal if any. So next…⠀

2. Radiation (a high dose of radiation would either kill off the cell or cause changes in the structure of the chromosome… and this led to them realizing some people responded and went into remission but created toxicity and it wasn’t long before the cancer came back stronger. So next…⠀

3. Chemotherapy (which was the ability to kill fast rapidly growing cells) … this led to them realizing, it was very toxic, some went into remission, but almost 94-96% of the patients have their cancer come back. So next… ⠀

4. Multiple chemotherapies (they felt a combination would kill the cancer and create a cure) … this led to them realizing it had some effect, led to some remissions, but was even more toxic and cancer came back. So next… ⠀

5. Genetics (they began to isolate the cancer cells and found that there were genes that were turning on and off the cell to turn cancerous) … this led to genetic drugs (Herceptin) for example. How did they get approved? That’s a story for another day. 

Dr. Majors found that some of the best studies being done, prove once and for all it’s not genetic, but rather epigenetic which he says means “above the genes.” Remember, epigenetics is related to things that can be done to alter our bodies at a cellular level.

So, the discovery was that epigenetics are the cancer drivers, which mean that the nucleus of the cell, which controls the genes are turned on or off depending on the epigenetics…not based on what genes were passed down to you!  

The nucleus of your cell is the information processing center and is what turns on or off and runs the cell. The nucleus is bathed in cytoplasm. It’s the cytoplasm and what’s in the cytoplasm that creates the nucleus to respond, controlling the genes to turn on or off.

If the gene (genetic) theory was correct, then you have no control.  

If the epigenetic theory was correct, YOU HAVE CONTROL!  

So, researches set out to prove which theory was correct and it was black and white and there was no GRAY area. It was epigenetic.

The first study showed this:  If mutations of the DNA (genes) caused cancer, then all they have to do is take the Nucleus from a cancer cell, that they are saying is cancerous because of genes not the environment (the cytoplasm) and replace a healthy cells nucleus with the cancerous nucleus and since they think the genes in the nucleus caused the cell to be cancerous, the healthy cell will become cancerous?  So in the study, they replaced the nucleus of a cancer cell into a healthy cell (a cell bathed in a healthy cytoplasm, the environment of the cell), if it was genetic then the normal cell would turn cancerous. It didn’t, no matter how much they tried! So, if they were right it’s not genes, then they would do the reverse.

So, they did reverse it. 

In the next study they did the opposite: they took the nucleus of a healthy cell (so the genes weren’t causing it to be cancerous) and they replaced the cancer cell with a healthy nucleus but the same cytoplasm, if they were correct in their theory, than the cell would result into cancerous tumor, because the cytoplasm of the cancer cell (the epigenetic driver was the same).

The results were conclusive that it was epigenetic. 

This means, cancer wasn’t genetic (hereditary), but rather it was heavily influenced by multiple factors around it. 

So, proving again that the way to get a cure is by getting to the cause! The cause of why the cell turns into cancer and it’s a multi-factorial reason requiring a multi-factorial approach, not just a drug or a surgery or a supplement!  

There will never be a cure (or even a cure-all) until we can look at the cause.

This insight changed and saved my life!

One key thing I discovered was that genetics, treatments and alternate treatments didn’t tell me why it started in the first place. But knowing what caused it, allowed me to seek out the necessary protocols to effectively deal with it.

In my life, both in overcoming and in continuing to live cancer-free, I have made it my passion to create an environment that is NOT conducive for cancer to live in my body.

And that passionate pursuit is why I’m still alive.

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Thank you! Will you be sharing the steps you took?

  2. Are you going to explain, the pathways of thinking and lifestyle that was the root of your cancer.

  3. I’ve been a certified oncology nurse for 15 years and I am currently pursuing my degree as a family nurse practitioner. We just covered epigenetics in pathophysiology. Our professor noted this exact same thing you’re stating. Over and over I am seeing we must get healing at a cellular level. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Will you be sharing more about how to create a healthy environment in our bodies? Other than just eating well and exercising? 🙂 xx

  5. I lost my brother to cancer, leukemia in 89 then my mother to the same cancer in 97. Drs always tried to speak it was genetic I should get tested and possibly my kids and that caused great fear and god had to help me through that for a while. That started my desire and passion for organic, natural healthy options to better my body and health to avoid as best I can. This was very informative. Thank you for sharing. I hope you can share what steps you took to learn how to change your environment and those factors. I would love to hear. Thank you so much for sharing!

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