I shared with you in a previous blog how our culture sends negative messages that can fuel dissatisfaction about ourselves.  

Your image can be influenced by experiences, opinions and feedback from others.  I can still remember my father saying to me when I was overweight, “Even a gunny sack would look good on you if you were skinny!” 

I remember that as if it was yesterday and five years ago when I thought about that statement it would sting and cut me like a knife, but since having a whole new outlook on health, if that comes to mind, I just laugh and say… “I don’t like gunny sacks anyway and they are way to itchy and I would never wear one!”

So how can you change those negative, false aspirations of the “perfect body” into a healthy realistic way of living for lasting transformation?  

Here are four powerful steps you can take to begin having a healthy body shape that is designed just for you!

1. It’s important to appreciate all your body can do for you and what it can and has already achieved. I think about all the times I was sick, and I got better, I think about the years I competed and did martial arts and how my body was able to perform at incredible levels and achieve great success. And then when I got cancer and I fought is all naturally and my body healed itself… Wow! What an achievement that was! 

I tell my body out loud how much I appreciate it and all that it has and is doing for me even right now as I speak! Your body is working hard to keep you healthy and to sustain you for the long run! So, let your body know how much you appreciate it!  Do you know that by speaking to your body negatively you can hinder any success at having good health! 

2. Make a list of 10-15 things you like most about yourself.  Maybe you can only think of a few right now, that is great! Write them down and as you apply these steps to your daily life you will be adding to your list in no time!

3. Choose to see yourself as a whole person not just focusing on one body part over the other! I don’t think I need to go into detail about this one… I think you get my point on this.

4. Surround yourself with positive people. This is SO important. Being positive and negative are both contagious! So, choose wisely! Don’t subject yourself to those who will sabotage your success!  

I promised you four steps, but I want to include a bonus fifth step to help you. So here it is:

5. Shut off all unnecessary and unrealistic comparison.  If you follow people on Instagram or Facebook or whatever your choice of social media is… and you are sucked into the vortex of comparison… delete, and stop following them.  You aren’t doing yourself any good by playing these kinds of games with yourself.

Remember, you aren’t trying to just get healthy for the short term, but rather to go the distance in your journey and come our victorious in your physical health.

Don’t give up. And don’t give in to the crazy comparisons to others. God made you beautiful, and it’s time to let that beauty shine!

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