When God formed us, He gave us the innate ability to think for ourselves.  He didn’t create us to be robots that wander the earth singing His praises day in and day out.

No, He gave us the gift of free will and freethinking.  From the moment we are conceived, our brains begin to develop and we begin forming belief systems based off what we are experiencing.

If we were born to parents who were abusive and lived life in a constant state of fighting, we will more than likely begin to believe that life is a hard battle and that abuse to ourselves and others is normal.  If we were born to parents who were attentive and showed unconditional love, we will learn to love others and ourselves the same.

Now, we live in a fallen world.  I don’t think that there is a single person who has gone through their entire childhood without experiencing some sort of hurt and rejection.  Each life experience gives us the opportunity to form thoughts and belief systems.

From a scientific standpoint, every time we have a thought, our brain creates a groove, or pathway if you will, in our brain.  Every time we have the same reoccurring thought, the groove gets deeper and deeper into the brain, making it harder and harder to iron out if needed.

If you’ve lived your entire life thinking that you are a failure or a disappointment, you are going to live as though you are a failure and a disappointment!  I could have spent my life allowing my past to dictate my thoughts.

I’m a divorced woman…no one wants me.
I use to work in the strip clubs…I am unclean.
I am addicted to sugar…I will never have self-control.

But thank God we don’t have to live that way!

The truth is that many of us are completely unaware of the thoughts that go in and out of our head on a daily basis.  A study showed that it’s possible we could have up to 60,000 thoughts per day!  It also showed that on average, 98% of those thoughts are reoccurring, meaning that you’ve had them every day for days on end!1

If you’re someone who suffers from “stinkin thinkin,” that is a scary statistic!

The good news is that our brain has a distinct ability to be changed and renewed.  Your negative thoughts don’t have to be permanent!

You can let go of being a victim to your past and your belief systems and take back power and authority over your thought life!

The Bible says to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Notice that it doesn’t say, “Renew your mind,” but it says, “renewing.”  Meaning that it is an ongoing process and not a “one and done” type of experience.

When I was fighting my cancer diagnosis, I had to take my thoughts captive and maximize my mind to it’s fullest potential.  I knew that if I went into battle with the mindset of a failure, I would fail.  But if I went into it with the mindset of a winner, I could come out victorious!

So, are you ready to take control of the thoughts in your head and in doing so, begin to take control of the direction of your life?

Let me know what steps you are going to take to see this happen!

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  1. This is really relevant with right now.” Reocurring of thoughts form deeper and deeper in our and difficult to root it out” this is exactly happening with me right ..thank you I read this at right time . I needed to hear this. Thank you for encouraging and making me realise that we have the will power, ability within us to change given by God . This gives me spiritual strength and focusing on positive thoughts .
    Thank you . Keep inspiring God bless you


  2. I have suffered from anxiety and worry for years, since childhood and then had something very traumatic happen a few years ago that I have been trying to recover from. We received victory over the situation, however the fight or flight sensation never went away and that started in January of 2014.
    I know that it will come through the word, time spent with Him and also through taking care of my body. Thank you so much for sharing.. I have found so much encouragement from you!!

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