What we go through we have the power to speak into. 


Because people will listen to us if they know they can trust us because we have a better understanding of how they feel more than anyone else around them. Forbes Magazine says that a major skill set they are looking for in leaders today is empathy. 

We haven’t all been through the same things in life; therefore, we often can’t understand what others are going through unless we can put ourselves in their situations, which is the basis of empathy. But when you have personally experienced a challenging situation, you are able to have an intense understanding of what the person in front of you is dealing with, and that makes you powerful in the situation, maybe more than anyone else in their life. 

Anything you go through changes your perspective and ability to help others in that same situation.

You have been through the fire, and the world needs your empathy. 

Jesus came to see what it was like on earth, He wanted to go through what we have to go through, so we would know that there was One who truly understood all the pain we have suffered. He then endured the worst pain that anyone could on the cross for us to receive reconciliation to the God of the universe who could redeem and restore all that had been stolen. 

We often don’t recognize the significant value of our experiences to help another. I must implore you to realize that what you hold in your hand—the pain, the victories, the hope and the process—will ignite and unleash those around you. 

Your story is significant and somebody else needs to hear it. 

When you share the wealth of what you have learned in life, it will cause the cycle of defeat to be broken in you and others. 

There are multiple ways to share your story; you can be as creative as you wish. I would propose anything from writing poetry, song lyrics, or inspirational quotes, to drawing, painting, taking photos or filming videos. Whatever the creative outlet, let 

it be authentically you.

The final chapter of your life has not been written, and you hold an author’s pencil to help you write that ending. You may base your future on your past, but that is not the best plan. The best plan is to have hope for a future that is is still being written. 

So, let’s move forward and be our true selves to all those around us because they are not waiting for another me, they are waiting for an incredible, vulnerable and empowered you! 

Are you ready for the words you share about your journey to change not only your life, but also the lives of those around you?

Your story really does matter to others.

Share it.

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  1. Praise God for lives transformed by His shed blood. At 38, I was a single mother of two little children, living pay check to paycheck. I was nearly dead from alcoholism, and did not even know it, when I met Jesus. He took this gutter kitten, plucked from the pit of hell, and placed me on solid Rock. I surrendered everything to Jesus on Valentines Day 1994. Whatever He chose to do with me was right and just. He chose to spare my life- I was forever His girl from that day forward. He has used my brokenness, my faith and gifts to His glory. May it always be so.

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