When You’ve Been Hurt or Abused-
How to Heal and Not remain a Victim

If I could give my younger self one piece of advice that would get her through anything in life it would be…

“You are a powerful person, and you have the ability to either step into that by believing it is true, even when you don’t feel like it or you can remain captive to your present pain and problems.”

Why would I tell my younger self this?

When I was younger I definitely saw myself as a victim. I saw myself as an abused, mistreated, messed up person. I was a person who had multiple life issues. Extreme obesity, a victim of abuse and someone who was told they only had a year to live because of cancer.

I thought I couldn’t amount to anything in my life because too many bad things have happened to me. I let what I believed about myself dictate what I was going to do.

So what did I do…

Absolutely nothing except complain about what I couldn’t do. I would tell myself that no good could come out of me.

All those things that I told myself were lies from the pit of hell. When I found the Lord, and started seeking after him, I learned that my past does not dictate my future. I learned that just because I was in some horrible situations does not mean there wasn’t anything great inside me.

Every single person is born with a God given potential that could and will do great things in this world IF you allow yourself to believe you are a powerful person.

Every person has a different story, a different journey that they have traveled on. I understand what its like to be put through the worst situations possible.

I see so many times, even in my own life people make excuses as to why they can’t do something. Whether that be because someone hurt them, something bad happened to them, etc. While the feelings of being hurt or mistreated is valid, letting these feelings and emotions dictate how you are going to live your life is where the problem lies. As Joyce Meyer says, “You can be pitiful or powerful, but you can’t be both”.

It is quite easy to victimize yourself in the situations you have faced. I could easily say that since I’ve been abused in every way possible that there is no way I could ever do anything with my life.There are times where you do not feel like you are strong. Times when you feel hurt, alone, abused, or forgotten. During these times you probably feel absolutely and completely powerless.

Here’s the good news…we serve a powerful God. Our powerful God lives inside each and every one of us. That means we are powerful because he is, even when we don’t feel like it. It’s not easy to overcome something when we try to do it on our own, but it sure is possible when we do it together with God.

Heres your first step to healing:
Don’t allow your past define who you are.

You are a powerful person who has the ability to do anything you set your heart too. There is something inside you the world needs!

On my next blog I will be talking about steps you can take to find healing and learn how to be a powerful person.

I know the pain you may have experienced is real. But I also know from firsthand experience that living as a victor, and not a victim is the only way to truly live.

Love you all,


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  1. Thank you for writing your blog. It’s helping many people who have been hurt & abused. This isn’t a topic that is discussed about only mentioned or discussed with a friend. People don’t like to hear you’ve been abused, they don’t know how to help you.

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