I have worked with and helped countless people over the years and I’ve had the privilege of seeing some people thrive and persevere and I’ve also seen others completely give up on themselves. 

A lot of people come to me with the same excitement and motivation.  The thought of making a positive change often times gives us hope that the life we have always dreamed up just may be possible!  

At first, I couldn’t tell the difference between those who would be successful and those who would fail because, like I said, they all started out wanting to change!  

Over time, I began to notice a common theme that every successful client I had carried. That was their WHY.

In order to be successful in life, you have to not only have a goal, but you have to have a “why” behind the goal.  

If your goal is to be able to fit in your skinny jeans, that 5am workout alarm is going to be easy to snooze through.  

However, if you want to fit in your skinny jeans because you know that means you’ll be at the ultimate health and be able to live long enough to see your children and even grandchildren marry, then waking up for an early workout will be a piece of cake.

Your WHY has to be something that will keep you motivated to stay on track.  It will be what you reflect on when you have moments where you feel tempted to give up. When binge watching Netflix is more appealing than going to the gym. 

So yes, your WHY matters.

What is your WHY?

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