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$24.83 / month for 12 months

We created this course for you!

We’ve spent the past 12 months gathering and creating the necessary content to help you take charge of your health.

The result is nothing short of amazing: an empowered and practical online healthy living course that you can have access to whenever you need it

Gain Understanding

You’ll discover how to address and master the four primary pillars to establishing great health: Diet, Stress, Contamination and Genetics.

Take Action

As your insight into great health grows, you’ll experience a profound courage and wisdom to do what only you can do: take action!

Celebrate Results

Great health isn’t always easy, but it is simple. The online course gives you the practical tools to achieve incredible results in your health.


NOTICE: As required by the California Code, Business and Professions Code – BPC § 2068: State law allows any person to provide nutritional advice or give advice concerning proper nutrition–which is the giving of advice as to the role of food and food ingredients, including dietary supplements. This state law does NOT confer authority to practice medicine or to undertake the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease, pain, deformity, injury, or physical or mental condition and specifically does not authorize any person other than one who is a licensed health practitioner to state that any product might cure any disease, disorder, or condition.
This content is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases. It is intended to be provided for informational, educational, and self-empowerment purposes ONLY. We are offering alternative treatment suggestions for you to explore that are complementary to your current treatment by your healthcare provider. Please consult with your wellness team, and then make your own well-informed decisions based upon what is best for your unique genetics, culture, conditions, and stage of life.


To create this course, we have invested hundreds and hundreds of hours of research and flown across the world to harvest the most current, relevant, scientifically proven information pertaining to health and healing. There is so much information that circulates throughout the internet, the education system and variations of healthcare “theologies” among “specialists” that often leave consumers, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and quite frankly….it hinders their healing.

That’s why we created the MASTERING YOUR HEALTH online course. Not only is this a Healthy Living Guide but you can expect answers, tools and resources.

This class will help implement structure where momentum will occur, habits will be transformed and goals will be achieved. Our focus is to make what feels complicated, simple by giving you practical steps to integrate into your everyday life. Great health is so much more than just changing your diet and exercising. In addition to diet and exercise we are going to be talking about renewing your mind, realigning your nervous system, revitalizing your eating, restoring your energy, removing toxicity, de-stressing and more.

We must address health from a holistic approach for it to be effective and sustainable.

Have you ever wondered: 

  • What kind of water should I be drinking? 
  • Where can I find clean makeup and cleaning supplies? 
  • Where can I find good quality supplements? 
  • How can I reduce environmental toxin exposure? 
  • How do I reduce stress? What is the best diet? 
  • How do I read food labels and what bad ingredients should I look for? 
  • How are genetics effecting my health and what can I do about it?


I will answer all of these questions and MORE by addressing the 4 pillars of health: Diet, Stress, Contamination & Genetics and provide PRACTICAL tools on how to implement in your everyday life. And most importantly I will teach you the WHY behind all recommendations. I am going to walk with you hand-in-hand for 28 lessons . You will see my face every day, haha, through video teaching, written content and interactive assignments. I will provide direct links for toxin free beauty products, cleaning supplies, cookware, healthcare devices, other educational resources, high quality supplements and so much more.

ALSO…..several segments include live footage from an interview with Dr. Raymond Hilu, who has been deemed the lead cellular biologist in all of the WORLD! This is the best resource to help jumpstart you to good health.

This course provides both preliminary steps that you can take while waiting to do the blood test as well as important steps to implement while you are following your tailored protocol form Dr. Hilu. We can take all the supplements we want but an unhealthy lifestyle will compromise the bodies ability to heal. This course is broken down and delivered in 28 lessons of written and video content in a way that you can “digest” and easily apply.

This is an interactive course that is designed to help you change habits that bring about transformation in your physical, emotional and spiritual health.



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